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Spotify Soundclash Contest

October 10, 2014

What would WERW sound like if we have to sum ourselves up into 15 songs? 


As a radio station this was a hard question but we set out to answer it and entered Spotify's Soundclash competition to make a playlist that completely embodied our station as a whole. Obviously we picked a lot of tracks from off the beaten path since we kinda do our own thing and also picked some New York themed tracks because we just couldn't help ourselves. All these bands are awesomely unique just like our DJs and a lot talk about themes of college growing up, and what WERW really represents as a whole: being rad. 


So share with your moms, share with your neighbors, share with your roommates, professors, classmates and even your dogs. Dogs like music too, we swear. Help us get the word out about WERW playing what everyone really wants, because we like winning stuff. 



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