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Artist Preview – Curzon

October 24, 2014

There are always great new rappers that come up at a young age, and at only 18, Curzon can be considered one to look out for.  The Brooklyn native will be performing at CMJ in New York City this week and if you happen to be there, definitely check him out.  The first thing that comes to mind when listening to Curzon that I could think of was a young J-Cole mixed with the influence of older New York City rappers such as Talib Kwali.  Curzon has a confident flow that comes from knowing he can spit fire, featured in his raw poetic lyrics aided by a great variety of beats that range from jazzy to dark, some of which he produces himself.  Some songs you’ll find yourself loving are “Call of Duty”, a track with a blistering beat (produced by the man himself) that compares the street violence of Brooklyn to the everyday violence of, obviously, the Call of Duty game series.  “Fly Free” is a spiritual track with Canis Major laying down a beat that would provide the perfect Brooklyn soundtrack while blasting through your headphones.  The final track to look out for (though you should be listening to them all) is “End of the Day”.  It’s a track that shows off Curzon’s singing voice on the hook, which is fairly good, as well as having a jazzy horn beat produced by KashFlow that holds the track together.   Keep an eye out for his debut mixtape, Up 2 Here, in November and expect big things to come in the future. 


-Quinn Weber

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