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Song Review: “Out of The Woods”

October 28, 2014

On October 27th, Taylor Swift will release her fifth studio album “1989.” Leading up to the release, Swift has graced our ears with two hit singles: “Shake It Off” and “Out of the Woods.” Additionally, Swift has been teasing her fans by posting daily instagrams that feature artsy photos and song lyrics from different tracks off the album.


Most recently, fans helped the artist’s newest single, “Out of the Woods”, reach #1 on the charts -- the same day as its release (October 14th).  “Out of the Woods,” which was co-written by Fun’s Jack Antonoff, has a different sound than Taylor’s usual pop-country crossover style; the single lets off more of an eighties pop and electronic feel.


Not only has the different sound sparked speculation among fans, but the lyrics have stirred talk about which ex-lover the song could possibly be about. There are rumors that the lyrics "Remember when you hit the brakes too soon / Twenty stitches in a hospital room" could be potentially referencing Swift’s former romance, and snowmobile accident, with singer Harry Styles.


Despite a lot of recent criticism for her weird award show dancing and crazy cat lady antics, I am still a Taylor Swift fan. Furthermore, I am really excited to hear all of Swift’s new album. So, if you haven’t already, be sure to listen to the new single here and/or pre-order the album on iTunes.


Blaise Meyer, co-host of SBJ Radio


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