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Sam Smith Announces New Single

October 29, 2014


On October 24, Sam Smith announced via Twitter the release of his new single “Like I Can.” This marks Smith’s fifth single from his debut album “I’m Not the Only One.” “Like I Can” has an uplifting and happy beat, and the song’s introduction almost reminds me of Adele’s “Rolling In the Deep.”


Smith has lots of reasons to be celebrating success right now. Firstly, his hit single “Stay With Me” has remained in the Top 10 on the Billboard Top 100 charts for the past 28 weeks – not to mention that he already has a large and loyal fan base, despite being so new into the music game.


I highly recommend listening to “Like I Can” if you haven’t already. Smith’s whole album is really just fantastic. I’m a huge Sam Smith fan and I think the diversity of the sounds on “I’m Not the Only One” really offer something for everyone, no matter what kind of music you prefer.



Blaise Meyer

co-host of SBJ Radio, Throwback Thursday




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