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Beatrix Sky

November 17, 2014

Last week after watching Sleepless in Seattle for the 30th time, I decided to check out the local music scene in the Emerald City and feature it on my show. In my journeys through bandcamp.com and SoundCloud profiles, I met Beatrix Sky, an indie electro pop artist. She just released a new EP and has plenty to share about her music. Check out the stories behind the songs of this Seattleite.


1. Til The End of Time


This track was inspired by unconditional love. I wanted to write about something other than romance between two people, and write about a different kind of love.

The stories described in this song about a mother and daughter, father and son, an old couple “walkin’ by” are fictional. They stem completely from my own imagination of love, but through a more universal context.


I initially wrote this song on the guitar. I played the chords arpeggiated during the verses, and strummed during the chorus. Before I recorded, I transferred the chords onto my synth and turned it into a fun upbeat, dance song and filled it with warm electronic sounds and beats (produced by my friend Nathan.)


2. Brooklyn


This is the second track on my EP, and will also be featured on my upcoming album. I wrote this around January earlier this year. I found a beautiful chord progression on the keyboard that I really loved and began humming a melody to it. The words came to me naturally.


The story of this song is also fictional, but touches on my completely true struggle with depression.  If anything, it contains metaphors based on this struggle. The boy that I sing about being the depression, and the train being the journey away from it.  Going on a train ride back to another time when I didn’t feel that way.


“I am tired, sitting waiting

Thinkin’ that I can’t take it

I don’t want to waste another

Hour, no not another minute!”


People may not think of “Brooklyn” as a song about depression so much as a love song about heart ache, but you can interpret it any way you like! I love the eeriness of the song and it reminds me of New York a lot!


3. Lady


There couldn’t be more truth in this song. I wrote it quite some time ago when I fell really hard for someone. At the time, everything was on the surface between us. We never quite reached that level where we were ready to be in a relationship, in fact I was never sure if he liked me as much as I wanted him to.

So I wrote a catchy riff about how much I wanted to be with him, after things fell through, and how I’ve been hurt before, but not in the same way.

“Well I’ve heard it all before

And I guess I never got that far with you

Tired of excuses

Wish it could’ve worked out with you”


Ryan Drum

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