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WERW (r)ADDS 02/24/15

February 24, 2015


New (r)ADDS! Best day of the week. We've got new tunes from some of our favorite artists, including Dan Deacon, The Screaming Females, and Radical Dads. This week's lineup is an eclectic one, ranging from electro-pop - "Desire,"Sheathed Wings" - to classic-style punk - "Novelty Sweater," "Ripe." Enjoy!


Eternal DeathDesire (Eternal Death) - A dark pop song deeply layered in electronic synths. Ironically, "Desire" is upbeat and hard hitting with its rhythmic claps. Sounds like: Chvrches, The Glitch Mob
Keath MeadChange (Sunday Dinner) - An uplifting indie pop song. It is pretty stripped down in terms of the instruments. The definition of basic indie rock. Sounds like: Real Estate
Dan DeaconSheathed Wings (Gliss Riffer) - Dan Deacon offers complex, psycodelic, ambiant, and layered electric sound. Passion Pit on an acid trip comes to mind. Sheathed Wings features buzzing electronic effects coupled with distorted shifting vocals and an almost schizofenic drum beat. It is not the easiest listen in the world because of the complexity, but if you enjoy something that takes some time to disect it is worth a listen. Sounds like: Panda Bear
Diamond RugsLive and Shout It (Cosmetics) - A throwbackish folk-rock radio hit with a great all-american feel to it. Sounds like: Blitzen Trapper

Mako ft. Madison Beer - I Won't Let You Walk Away - Mako's radio-ready pop hit would not be complete without Madison Beer's voice. It screams Pop and will have teens swooning. Sounds like: Zed
Jeff RosenstockNovelty Sweater (We Cool?) - One of the hardest hitting singles as of late in the post-punk revival scene. The melodies are infectious and the guitars are grungy; a winning combination in this genre. Sounds like: Joyce Manor
Future BrownSpeng (Future Brown) - With a radio friendly, happy beat, "Speng" is the closest thing to a hit that could come off of Future Brown's self titled LP. 
The Screaming FemalesRipe (Rose Mountain) - "Ripe" brings riot grrrl edginess coupled with powerful chords and interesting instrumentation. Sounds like: Fugazi, Sleater-Kinney 
Radical DadsAbsurd Tests (Universal Coolers) - Shrill, intense, vibrant, and cutesy, Radical Dads play a unique style of college rock that looks towards the past for inspiration. Sounds like: Les Savy Fav, Sleater-Kinney 

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