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Featured Show of the Week: The Real OC

March 2, 2015

The Real OC is a program that covers some of WERW’s most underrepresented topics: country music and sports. With a programming schedule that deals primarily in music – and rarely in country music – WERW is a more versatile, entertaining station because of shows like The Real OC.


But it isn’t just the thematic uniqueness that makes The Real OC such a solid hour of radio; it has a lot to do with the level of professionalism that co-hosts Jon Edwards and Owen Gotimer bring into the studio. The two are encyclopedic in their understanding of both country music and sports.


In the latest episode of The Real OC, Jon and Owen seamlessly transition from topic to topic, touching on all of the show’s signature subjects. The episode begins with a discussion of the recent Sports Matters symposium held at Newhouse, which both hosts attended. Their involvement in SU’s athletic world is obvious upon listening to the show – stories about Syracuse alum, thoughts on the current basketball season, and references to the local minor league baseball team are all brought up throughout the most recent episode.


Jon and Owen are seriously knowledgeable when it comes to the current general state of sports, so much so that their conversations often branch off of SU-focused matters. At one point in the most recent episode, the two co-hosts discuss the Anaheim Angels’ outfielder, Josh Hamilton, and his recent trouble with drug abuse. They offer opinions with a sense of wisdom, backed by research and presented with genuine interest.


It’s engaging dialogue, regardless of how informed listeners may be about today’s most pressing issues in sports. To break up the flow of information, Jon and Owen play country tunes, generally popular country from artists like Sam Hunt and Carrie Underwood. Their comprehension of the genre is just as complex as their grasp on sports, and it’s fun to hear them go between the two with such ease.


Listen to Jon and Owen on The Real OC every Thursday at 2 PM, and check out their latest episode over on our Soundcloud page


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