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Record Store Day 2015

April 18, 2015

Happy Holidays ladies and germs, Record Store Day is upon us. On Saturday April 18th, independent record stores will have lines out the door and around the corner as audiophiles wait to get their hands on this year's new, limited edition records, and speaking from experience, the early wake up is worth it.


I have been going to record store day since its early days, first showing up at my local record store, Scottie’s, at 7 am with a whole bunch of 45 year olds, but as I grew older, the lines got longer and the releases got more exciting. This year is no different from any other year, there is a huge list of low batch vinyl which caters to a huge audience of music listeners. Here are some of the ones I'm looking forward to most.


Citizen Dick 7”


Citizen Dick is a group formed by members of Pearl Jam for Cameron Crowe’s 1992 film Singles, which takes place in Seattle during the grunge movement and features the infamous Matt Dillon. The band was a complete joke in the film, and I can’t imagine it is any more serious 13 years later, but it's one of those fun releases that is worth picking up.


Wu-Tang Clan: Protect Ya Neck 7”


In the past few Record Store Days, Wu-Tang has done some really neat releases. For Black Friday 2014 they released C.R.E.A.M. and Da Mystery of Chessboxing on a 7” that was in the shape of the Wu-Tang insignia, and this time around they will be re-releaseing Protect Ya Neck. This one is on my must buy list and will probably go quick, so jump on the opportunity.


Twin Peaks 7"


Twin Peaks, a killer indie rock band out of Chicago, is also set to release a 7" this year. All we know about it so far is that it will include 2 previously unreleased tracks, so it will be very exciting to get some new material from some up and comers.


Johnny Cash Live in Prague 1983


Finally one of my most anticipated releases is Johnny Cash Live in Prague 1983. This record is only 1 of 1000 and is pressed on translucent red vinyl, so not only will the record sound great, but it will look cool at the same time.


These are only a few of the releases this year, make sure you check out the full list on the Record Store Day web site, where you can also see which stores are participating. In closing, make sure you get in line early. Record Store Day is a great experience, especially if you really love vinyl, so it is a shame to sleep in and miss the rare goodies and the early morning chats with fellow collectors. In my case, if I hadn't been in line early and made friends with the person in line ahead of me, I may have never gotten my LCD Soundsystem box set last year. Happy hunting!




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