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Creatives on Campus: Mélan

April 18, 2017


“Boy please, you better off pleading the fifth.”


This is just a snippet of Mélan, an up-and-coming female rapper who is about to change the game. If you're a rapper here on Syracuse, you better watch out, because she is coming to take her throne as Queen of Hip-Hop. Claim that title, Mélan! You deserve it!



Driven by her ambition to be the best poet and artist, Mélan has created a distinct name for herself. Mélan has performed at various openings here at Syracuse University, and is signed under Ready Set Flow, an entertainment company that looks to promote artistry. She has been a participant in Renegade Magazine’s Wild 'N Owt. Finally, she was recently able to come down to WERW, where she showcased some of her work and performed a live freestyle on air. Overall, Mélan has done an abundance of things here on campus to get her name out. However, she is still not satisfied.



Mélan faces a challenge to become the Queen of Hip-Hop: how can a female rapper like her gain the respect and attention of the audience? In the hip-hop industry, there are not a ton of female rappers who are respected for their clever lyrics and amazing production. It is a shame that we focus our attention on rappers such Drake or Lil Uzi, but forget that there are rappers like Cardi B, who are exploding with awesome songs like Foreva.


This challenge is only a minor problem to Mélan. Her solution is to continue to produce more amazing songs. By doing this, she is reshaping hip-hop and inspiring others like her to do the same. That’s amazing and this is what people need to hear!



Mélan is only a freshmen to Syracuse campus, but her experience and mentality makes her a veteran, and she's one of the dopest rappers I’ve heard, hands down! Check out Mélan’s SoundCloud if you think I’m lying by clicking on the bold.



Tune in to Kickin It w. D.J. A.O. Fridays at 5 p.m. for more dope content, and if you miss the show, we're on SoundCloud as well.


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