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De-stress to the music of Kraus

May 1, 2017


With finals and project deadlines quickly approaching, not to mention graduation for some of us (yikes), we could probably all use a tune or two to take the edge off. My personal prescription is to look no further than a few hundred miles downstate, where we find noise-rock artist Kraus. Through a thick smog of distorted vocals, bombastic drumming, rampant synths, and everything in between, Kraus’s fascinating brand of sounds will dispel any and all

anxieties, at least for the duration of his songs.


Will Kraus first made his mark in the music world at the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Sound at NYU. Coming in as a teenager making beats in his spare time, Kraus fed, watered, and honed his skills to bring us the buzzing boy-wonder he is today. This ultimately led to the 2016 release of his debut album End Tomorrow. A 12-track whirlwind of vibrancy and growth, this album explores the inner workings of Will Kraus’s mind, losing apprehension and making way for a freeing release.



Kraus began as an evolutionary experiment. He eventually dropped out from the pressures of music school, and created a series of loops and instrumentation that disregarded concern for sounding appealing or normal. The result was striking, and had Brooklyn indie Terrible Records head over heels for Kraus’ expressive and cathartic reverberations. It’s hard to deny the entrancing quality os his music, and although it’s hard to form any connection to the songs lyrically, there’s a stark sense of honesty within the arrangements that pulls you in immediately.


At this point you might be feeling pretty skeptical. What’s so special about a recent college grad making staticky sounds in his bedroom? Is noise music still relevant? How can I listen to anything besides the new Kendrick album? My only advice is that you listen. Kraus might not be for everyone, but his message does have a certain universal appeal. It can be cathartic to use music to cope, and you should never stop broadening your auditory horizons.


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